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exscitron is a pioneering developer: switched-mode power supplies for the lighting industry

We continue to observe a tremendous technological and scientific evolution taking place in the lighting sector. LED technology has changed virtually all areas of this sector giving also birth to new scientific fields and branches of research. Nowadays, by means of extremely flexible and controllable LED luminaires, plant biologists, occupational health and sleep researchers dispose of the necessary research tools to revise traditional paradigms and impact models of their discipline. LED based luminaires allowing to vary light spectrum, light exposure intervals and luminous intensity in order to stimulate growth and germination success in plants or fostering human well-being and health.      

The developers of exscitron form one of the few highly specialized expert teams in Europe developing highly performant switched-mode power supplies for the lighting industry. Our devices are operating in the most diverse luminaires and application fields: in scientific labs, emergency rooms, transshipment halls as well as in the explosive environment of drilling rigs. As diverse the application fields as complex and heterogeneous are the requirements to be met by a customized switched-mode power supply. These electronic devices represent the control center of a luminaire regulating the whole set of functional features: ranging from switching-on delay, through flexible control of the light spectrum, to overvoltage protection and emergency switch-off.

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