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exscitron GmbH
Chemnitz | Germany

+49 (0)371/35 58 60 - 10

Uhlichstr. 13
D-09112 Chemnitz


We transform your illumination concepts quickly into large scale serial production. Powered by exscitron’s experience and virtually maintenance-free switched-mode power supplies. 


We offer you 18 patents as effective protective screen to preserve your future luminaire against competitors - throughout the whole product life cycle management.


The close interlock between our development team and the manufacturing excellence of our mother company inpotron Schaltnetzteile GmbH is the key to lean production by reducing time and effort throughout all development and manufacturing stages.


We cultivate R&D collaborations with universities and high-tech companies to contribute to a fruitful knowledge transfer between research, development and manufacturing partners.

Team spirit

Team spirit evolves when the dialogue between presumably irreconcilable visions finishes up with the exploration of an extraordinary solution. A solution, no one ever would have found alone by pondering in isolation.